Thursday, 26 December 2013

Toronto Airport Taxi – Top 3 Points to Consider Before Booking

Toronto Airport Taxi
Toronto Airport Limo Taxi

Plenty of Toronto airport taxi services are available in the city. But, not all of them are reliable and provide the exact service as promised. It is quite hard to find someone to drive you to the airport in the traffic. Flights may start at midnight based on your destination. The person who drops you on the airport have to ride back home at odd hours compensating their sleep in such cases. Further you will be worried whether they drove your car carefully or just had fun going around the city in it. Hiring a taxi or a cab service is the best way to reach the airport without tension. Here are a few tips to select the best taxi services in the city.

  1. Check online for reviews of the company service. Several Toronto airport taxi services promise they have a huge network of taxis. But, they usually send a normal taxi driver without any identification or company symbol on their vehicle to pick you up. They outsource the work for a cheap rate to any free taxi driver. Most of such drivers are capable of driving well. But, have little manners, demand more tips and take their own route to the airport unmindful of your urgency. So refer to friends, check the reviews and make sure you hire only reliable taxi services.
  2. When you hire a taxi to take you home from the airport, inform them if there is any unwanted delay in the flight schedule or at the customs checking. It will prevent you from paying extra for the waiting hours. Clarify your doubts regarding this waiting time beforehand as many companies charge extra for the same. Also cross check the price of extra services like helping in luggage unloading, supplying water in the taxi etc. Discuss the best possible route and confirm the driver doesn’t charge you extra for showing around your own city.
  3. Whenever you hire a Toronto airport taxi ensure you have a proof of their registration copy with you in your smart phone as well as a physical copy. Several incidents may arise where you will lose one. A printed copy plus an e-copy will always help you stay on the safer side. Message the number of your taxi to your family members once you board it. This habit will help a lot in case there is any mishap like an accident.
Loading a Toronto airport taxi taking the necessary precautionary measures will help you have a happy journey. Your family members will stay peaceful knowing you are travelling safe. These safety measures might seem a bit too much for a taxi ride. But, it will save heated arguments with the drivers on the way and help you enjoy the ride in a relaxed manner. Take a few minutes to call an executive and talk to them regarding your trip even when you book the service online. Be benevolent enough to leave your feedback about their service after the trip. It will help others too choose or reject the particular airport taxi service.


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