Friday, 29 August 2014

Tips for Finding Affordable Apartments for Rent in Saskatoon

As the largest city in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon has a booming real estate market. You can find numerous apartments for rent in Saskatoon, in all shapes and sizes. Keeping your living expenses in budget is important for some people, especially when you are going through some financial troubles. Here are a couple of ways you can find affordable Saskatoon Apartments for Rent at very cheap and reliable rates.

Determine how much you can afford:

Before you go hunting for Hotels for rent in Saskatoon, you need to determine your affordability. It is recommended that you set aside only 20% of your monthly income for your accommodation, but if it requires more then I think 30% is enough. Take the time to plan your entire budget as it will not only help you determine your price range, but also tell you which expenses you can cut back on if you want a more expensive apartment.

Choose your location wisely:

It is important that you choose in advance the neighbourhood you want to live in. Many people would want to live close to certain relatives or friends, or to their place of employment. Some people would want to have picturesque views of the South Saskatchewan River right from their home, so they might want to consider apartments for rent in Saskatoon along the river bank, though apartments here tend to be pricey. On the other hand, some people would want to live in the down town area, which is close to the financial district of the city. Choose where you want to live and hunt for apartments accordingly.

Act quickly:
Apartments for rent in good neighbourhoods at a reasonable price won’t stay in the market for long. As soon as you come to know about it, act quickly and contact the realtor or landlord. If you like the house, try to submit the application and the required deposit money as soon as possible. The deposit will make sure the apartment is put on hold for you while your application is being processed.

Although this may seem pretty obvious, you can’t imagine how many people don’t even try to negotiate the price with the landlord. Most landlords are open to negotiating, so don’t be afraid of doing so. If you like the apartment, compare rates with similar apartments that provide the same amenities in the area and use your research to strike a good deal. You can even offer to pay large chunks of rent at a time (such as paying three months’ rent together), which can cause the landlord to lower the monthly rate.

Get a feel of the Neighbourhood: 
Consider driving past the apartment you are considering in the day as well as the night to get a feel for the neighbourhood. Sometimes, apartments are rented at an affordable price because of a shady neighbourhood, so make sure you are not trading your security for a little money. Remember safety is the most important thing when considering an apartment. Therefore, make sure the apartment is secure and has proper locks on every door.


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